Turn Chaos into Harmony
Managing the unique dynamics of the perioperative continuum of care is an enormous and complex task, requiring accountability and cooperation from all clinical disciplines, as well as support of mission-critical systems for managing information crucial to the domain.

Given the context and complexity of the perioperative process, and the crucial nature of information recorded during this process, the tools used to manage this information must be simple to use, straightforward, and flexible.

ORSuite® consists of an integrated suite of software modules that provide all elements necessary for effectively managing this information, for tracking and recording information related to events, interventions, outcomes, and resources commonly associated with each point-of-care that comprises the perioperative continuum of care.

Gain Control Over Costs
Healthcare is under a tremendous pressure to understand and control costs. Nowhere is this more evident than in the perioperative complex of acute care hospitals. This prevailing attitude toward reducing costs has some concerned that the quality of patient care will also be reduced.

ORSuite® includes tools necessary to control costs while also improving the quality of care. Designed with that goal in mind, they include features for managing every critical stage of the perioperative process, including case scheduling, perioperative assessment, resource management, point-of-care charting, tracking of equipment and supplies, staffing, conflict resolution and patient tracking, to name a few. An open database design makes it easy to generate all types of clinical, administrative, and financial reports, allowing for an accurate and informed decision-making process.
Manage Complex Processes
ORSuite® modules are designed to seamlessly automate processes rather than series of tasks. The perioperative continuum of care is a complex rolex replica process in which several events occur that may need intervention and documentation. Perioperative events can differ vastly depending on the complexity and type of case involved.

These modules provide user-definable clinical pathways to accommodate all disciplines and all types of cases.

To realize improvements in efficiencies, productivity, resource utilization, and the delivery of quality care necessary to survive a competitive managed care environment, hospitals must replace chanel replica sale task-oriented routines, consisting of redundancies and inefficiencies, with a more efficient process control schema.  ORSuite® modules are designed to chanel replica assist with this transition.